I am Markus Kerber, born in 1963. During my military service and early university days (1982 to 1986) I worked as a part-time concert journalist. Occasionally I was given photo permits. Equipped with an Olympus OM-1 and an Olympus OM-2SP I shot mostly black and white pictures on Ilford XP material. So far, I have never published this work.

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28 years after my last job as a concert reporter I decided to make some of my work public. And I dedicate all these photographs to the man who brought blues, rock and jazz to post-war Germany and who changed the lives and formed the attitudes and opinions of many young men and women: the late Fritz Rau.

He certainly did have a huge influence on me. Frank Zappa, Genesis and Led Zeppelin were among the bands that I saw as a 16 year old. Hundreds of others have followed since then. I still regularly go to rock concerts, it has become a big part of my life, Danke, Fritz!